Many Bothans Died …

In a recent post by Jessica Abel she explored the concept of “idea debt” (read it for yourself here). In an effort to reduce my own I’m going to start my own catch-and-release program for ideas. I tend to get too attached, too quickly to random thoughts and concepts that I’m not likely to ever be able to follow through on. Take, for example, the subject of today’s post.

With all the ever-present Star Wars memes, from “it’s a trap” to “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” it’s hard not to run into them regularly. Just like any other day, today I happened upon an invocation of the Bothans. Then this happened…

Imagine a game where the players are trying to collect and deliver intelligence for the rebellion.  In the process, Bothans become somewhat of a currency and somehow the value of the information garnered is determined by how many Bothans died to collect it. Most valuable intelligence wins the game.

This could actually bear some similarity to another concept contributing to my idea debt regarding the utilization of lackeys, stooges, underlings, minions and henchmen. More on that later.

Thus begins my struggle to reduce my own idea debt, good luck dealing with yours.

(image credit: star wars galaxy trading card game, as found here)